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Hemp Way Foods
PO BOX 611
Evergreen, CO — 80437

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does hemp have THC in it?

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Hemp has no intoxicating effects so users will not get high. It only contains 0.3% THC or less which makes it non-psychoactive.

How can I order products for my buisness?

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You can click the "Get Started" button on the top of the screen to submit a consultation request with someone at Hemp Way Foods. Or, you can get our contact information under the "Contact Us" page.

Are there any allergens in your products?

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Our vegan products are all corn, dairy, gluten, GMO, nut, and soy free. However, they are manufactured in a facility that also processes egg, peanuts, soy, almond, cashew, walnut, pecan, & coconut.

What's the difference between your "burger" vs. others?

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There are many differences between our plant-based burgers and other popular vegan burgers. Here are just a few!

  • Our plant-based products are handcrafted in a kitchen. Other popular "vegan" burgers are referred to as "schmeat" and are made in a lab to taste like animal meat.
  • Ours is made with superfood ingredients that you can pronounce. They are rich in minerals, healthy omega fats, plant protein, and fiber. "Schmeat" is made with inflammatory oils, and contains a chemically treated compound -- Methylcellulose, which is a laxative.
  • Ours has no added oil, no corn, no soy, no nuts, no GMOS and no fillers. "Schmeat" has food coloring, yeast, "Natural Flavors", and are highly processed.